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Developed By : Mr.Sachin S Suryawanshi.(MCM Student of IMS Institute, Ahmednagar)

About Us
IHM&CT Ahmednagar. Hope you find this site informative and interesting. You may be keen to join or, are simply browsing. The course at IHM&CT Ahmednagar would be rewarding and transforming. It is a good place "to be" in many ways.

An excellent & dynamic environment, committed and experienced faculty with the blend of Industry experience and Academic excellence. Why are we rated better than others? "What they say ?" says it all.

Our goal is to create an environment where students learn how to tackle difficult, complex problems --- by probing, discussing, and integrating, working together towards an understanding, much deeper than ever could be achieved on their own. Students learn what it feels like to exercise judgement, make decisions, and take responsibility.

In doing so, they must sharpen their skills of effective communication and be able to persuade, synthesize, and adapt. Our students become part of a powerful Global Network of Alumni who remain connected by the enduring bonds of friendship and respect and are amongst the most accomplished young people. If you think we match your aspirations I suggest you enroll.. Be sure YOU are never the same again.

Mr.Jagtap N R Principal.

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